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Mark Conlin was born in Newcastle in 1970 He was taught art as a child by his grandfather, who was a trained sculptor. Mark then went on to study at Newcastle Art School and gained a BA Hons in Creative Arts. He was invited to cut silhouette portraits at Alnwick Garden by the Duchess of Northumberland. Mark was then discovered by American silhouette artist Kerry Cook and she became his mentor.

He moved to London in 2009 to cut silhouette portraits at events and to create his contempoary artworks. He quickly became recognised as a talented scissor portrait artist.

He is grateful to be invited to cut silhouettes at events and that people are entertained and involved in the creative process he uses to make his art. He was recently invited by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan to cut portraits at the opening of his exhibition at Blenheim Palace.(He regretably did not get to use Cattelans famous gold toilet before it was stolen).

Mark lives in London, cuts portraits at events world-wide, and creates contemporary art at his studio.

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