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Mark Conlin is an artist from the old slowful tradition of hand cutting silhouettes. With a facile twist, a skilful manoeuvre of the scissors, he achieves extraordinary likenesses of his sitters. His silhouette artworks cut from black paper have a freshness and life-like quality. Mark keeps alive a style and technique that enlarges the scope and beauty of the old art of silhouette portraiture. This year has seen Mark continue to cut silhouettes at events around the world. His artworks are now featured in many UK magazines. He has built a solid reputation for producing beautiful and romantic silhouette portraits and now much in demand by exclusive wedding organisers. Mark continues to be commissioned by the Knightsbridge School in London to silhouette all its pupils and staff. Over 500 exquisitely detailed scissor cut silhouette portraits are created as part of a continuing exciting and very successful fund raising project.

Mark is available to cut silhouette portraits at major events throughout the UK and abroad.

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